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Five things to Consider Before Having a Loft Conversion

A loft conversion may be something you have been thinking about for some time, or just recently felt the need to maximise the space you have in your property. Loft conversions can be a great addition to your house and are a good way to increase your properties value.

Loft conversions are a relatively straightforward type of construction, however as with all renovations there is some planning and considerations involved. Here we have outlined five things that you will need to address:

1. What will it cost?

Loft conversions can vary significantly in price and you will need to make sure that you understand what the total cost will be for all the work before you begin. The type of stairs, windows and plumbing for bathrooms can all affect the price significantly.

2. Safety

For fire safety, you will need to ensure that an escape window is built within your plans.

3. Plumbing

You will need to know if the central heating system that you have in place at the moment will be able to deal with the additional usage if you are planning on adding a bathroom in to your loft conversion.

4. Stairs

You will need an entry point in to your loft conversion and sometimes an additional staircase may need to take some space from one of the existing rooms on the level below.

5. Planning

Before you begin any work you will need to check if planning permission is required for your loft conversion.

For advice about loft conversions, get in touch with a specialist in your area such as Harrogate Loft Conversions.

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